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Warning: spoilers up to season 7
Cold Case Virtual Season Eight
June 25, 2010

Many Cold Case fans were disappointed when the show was canceled in May 2010, especially when the show didn't get to have a proper finale. Many plot threads were left hanging.

So we decided that Cold Case wasn't going to go cold. We loved the show, and wanted it to continue in some way.

Enter...Cold Case Season Eight

Cold Case Season Eight is a virtual fan produced season. We plan on having around twenty-two fan written episodes, each written in the style of a Cold Case episode.

This is where you come in. Would you like to write? Are you good at graphics? Do you beta read? Do you have any suggestions for plot lines or music?

Join up here at http://www.coldcasevirtualseason.net/

7x22 Shattered  Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
 Written by Greg Plageman Elwood Reid
 First Air Date : Sunday, 2 May 2010
 Flashback year : 1993 (17 years ago)

Valens partners with Rush to locate her sister Christina, who was abducted from her drug-littered motel room, and Jeffries tries to bring justice and closure to a long-suffering mother whose daughter's murder case has remained unsolved for 17 years.

7x21 Almost Paradise  Directed by Alex Zakrzewski
 Written by Adam Glass Christopher Silber
 First Air Date : Sunday, 2 May 2010
 Flashback year : 1989 (21 years ago)

The team investigates the 1989 case of a prom queen, Felicia Grant, killed by a hit-and-run after her prom. Rush's sister Christina suddenly resurfaces.

7x20 Free Love  Directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt
 Written by Elwood Reid Denise Thé
 First Air Date : Sunday, 11 April 2010
 Flashback year : 1969 (41 years ago)

Rush and FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh discover their attraction for one another while investigating the 1969 murder of a GI, David Quinn, at Woodstock, and Vera helps his married ex-girlfriend, Megan Easton, after sentimental jewelry is stolen from her home.

Woodstock wasn't about conflict, it was about melting hearts and minds.

Everything worth living for is worth dying for.

7x19 Bullet  Directed by John Showalter
 Written by Christopher Silber
 First Air Date : Sunday, 4 April 2010
 Flashback year : 1978 (32 years ago)

After determining the serial killer's identity - and some of his likely future targets - the team and the FBI work together to apprehend him while trying to locate and protect the people he's preparing to kill.

Man has a choice and it's a choice that makes him a man.

7x18 The Last Drive-In  Directed by Chris Fisher
 Written by Elwood Reid
 First Air Date : Sunday, 28 March 2010
 Flashback year : 1980 (30 years ago)

When ballistics tie a recent murder case of Rush's to a serial killer who was seemingly inactive for 27 years, a tough FBI agent with ties to Stillman shows up to enlist the team's aid in finding the killer who has eluded her for 30 years.

November 18, 2009

3x10 Frank's Best and 3x11 8 Years have been completed.

There are 2 new galleries to browse the ghostly apparitions and the bodies of the victims (warning some pictures can be gruesome).

Sunday November 22nd, Cold Case will be back on its old timeslot, don't forget to tune in on 9pm for Chinatown!

Finally, I'd like to deeply thank Todd Smitts for all his feedbacks and welcome him as an official contributor to ColdCasePedia.

Still around
November 1, 2009

After a slow October regarding the updates, here are finally:

A new contributor: French writer Martin Winckler was kind enough to share a Cold Case analysis.

A new poll: why do you watch Cold Case? Thanks for voting!

Season 3 updates: 3x01 Family, 3x02 The Promise, 3x04 Colors and 3x07 Start-Up have been completed.

Don't forget to watch the new episode WASP tonight!

Thanks Google
October 2, 2009

Season 3 update: 3x17 Superstar, 3x18 Willkommen and 3x19 Beautiful Little Fool have been completed.

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